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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White Sand - Casapsapan Beach, Up Close

This pristine and resort-free beach is amazingly a long stretch of fine white sand. Places like this in Casiguran are remote and desolate, providing visitors with an entirely different kind of relaxation. It is probably one of the least explored beaches in Casiguran as one can stroll cozily and undisturbed in the quiet of its unspoiled and natural beauty.

Casapsapan Beach offers a practical escape or breaker from a never-ending rat race brought about by modern technology and lifestyle.


Oscar Jr. said...

this unspoiled paradise really amazed & interest me than popular places like Boracay , it's quiet , desolate , not too many people & tranquil , a beautiful tropical paradise that needs to be preserved from development. I wish I could see this place someday I'm not that happy with the climate here in Pacific Northwest, USA . I long for the tropical warm atmosphere of the Philippine countryside. Anybody please tell me how to get to Casiguran from Pangasinan. Thanks. Ernz, Seattle, WA

jasperjugan said...


do you have recommendation or contacts as to what are the available accomodations here?


Julie said...

"White Sand - Casapsapan Beach, Up Close"
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Jenifer said...

I wish I could see this place someday ..
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divetrainor said...

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jheng0711 said...

I have just been to Baler a week ago during the long weekend, and I am planning Casiguran this coming December vacation. Your blog helped me a lot while I was planning and organizing my Baler trip. I was hoping you could also help me with my upcoming Casiguran trip. I already know how to go there, I have to take a bus from Baler taking me to Casiguran, I'm just not sure where to go next. I'm particularly interested in seeing Casapsapan Beach and Motyong. Are there any resorts there that could accommodate us? Or is there anything I need to know about the place? Thanks so much!

iamnursenuelits said...

is there any place or hotel at casiguran

ZHOU said...

Whew! TS Falcon did something bad in Casapsapan! when we went there last weekend, the beach is light brown.. check my photos in facebook/Denz E. Guillermo

Ian Limbonis said...

sharing the irony of travelling to remote places like casiguran, aurora

gelopots said...

hi! hope you can help me plan our trip to casiguran. will be coming from cabanatuan. my email is 0939 9257421

gelopots said...

Hi, hope you can help me plan our trip to casiguran. my email is and mobile is 0939 925 7421.